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Cryptic One - View From the Crowsnest directed by Erik Anello


Opening title sequence for the upcoming documentary by the homie Pawl… sick appearance by me @ the 25 second & 1:17 mark

amped… cant wait for it to drop


Adult Rappers: Opening Title Sequence

Titles by Pat Carpenter

Music “Pawl’s Lament” by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (Dezmatic & Dood Computer) feat: Elsphinx - produced by PJ Katz courtesy of Pig Food Records.

©2013 pawl made this, inc.

Adult Rappers: coming soon!

Anonymous asked: Got any other Cannibal Ox demos? The Painkillers demo you posted is hot.

somewhere on some cassettes in my parents house there are more Ox demos… and lots of older Atoms Fam music with vast and vordul on it… eventually ill find some and post up what i can


Cryptic One – FYSM (FreEP)

Cryptic One made his name with the Def Jux crew but just because El-P’s former label folded…

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much thanks


FYSM, by Cryptic One 

So today is 11/12/13… the release date of my new EP

its free so please peep

and incase you missed it… the video for 122112 off of FYSM:

Cryptic One - 122112

from FYSM that drops tuesday 11/12/13  *free*

Directed by Erik Anello

Cryptic One - FYSM EP Trailer

My EP drops next tuesday (11/12/13) and in the next coming weeks the 3 part video series directed by Erik Anello that accompanys it will be dropping as well

As per usual, the EP will be available on my bandcamp page for the same old price of “pay what you fucking want to pay”

So yeah this happened. Finished. Finally.

throwaway tuesday on wednesday…An old never released joint.. LoDeck on rhymes me on the beat

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