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all our digital content is now pay what you want… aka free

ATOMS - Hero to Zero

produced by Jestoneart

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

From the DEMO’d BONUS LP. Comes FREE with preorder of sands:

ATOMS “Hero to Zero” ft Cryptic & Windnbreeze from the LP “Sands”

DEMO’D…. A collection of atoms demos free with preorders of Sands. Preorders to go live this week

Cryptic One - View From the Crowsnest directed by Erik Anello


Opening title sequence for the upcoming documentary by the homie Pawl… sick appearance by me @ the 25 second & 1:17 mark

amped… cant wait for it to drop


Adult Rappers: Opening Title Sequence

Titles by Pat Carpenter

Music “Pawl’s Lament” by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (Dezmatic & Dood Computer) feat: Elsphinx - produced by PJ Katz courtesy of Pig Food Records.

©2013 pawl made this, inc.

Adult Rappers: coming soon!

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