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  • Vast Aire
  • Adversity Strikes

My Favorite Vast Jawn of all time. Shout 2 @crypticone who I just moments ago found on tumblr. My oh My do I sometimes miss the days of AOL Chatroom: Arts and Entertainment: Hip Hop  Where the heavy weights of HipHop’s Yesteryears sat like Knights of the Round Table building classics

  • Bonus Iddish:
  • Dutchmassive
  • feat. Windnbreeze, Alaska, Majik Most, Cryptic One & Vast Aire
  • It Gets Worse - Produced by Celph Titled
  • [download link]

ha, the good ole A&E hip hop chatroom… pretty insane all the people that used to frequent it… who knew

whats good dutch? been a long minute… and yeah, no one really knows about my tumblr page… kind of funny seeing people slowly discover it

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