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I feel like I havent posted anything atoms music related here in a minute… 

This was a session from 2001… i think this was recorded right before Cold Vein dropped… maybe March of 01

Delta was our boy from Australia… a very ill battle MC, ill producer, and record collector… he was in NYC I think for his first time and we had all been talking about recording a joint for a while, he had done a few songs at T1s studio in queens and came out to my studio in LI to record a joint with Vast & Vordul

None of us were really prepared since most of my latest verses were tied up in my solo album and vast and vordul used all their best recent shit on Cold Vein… not to mention I had so few beats that werent spoken for at the time since I was producing for so many people.  So I loaded up some available beats and we settled on this one and we started writing

Within about 15 minutes of trying to write with little motivation we just started freestyling and I said, fuck it… lets just record this off the head stuff for fun but do it as if it was a song (with headphones to keep the audio quality level up)… so Vordul said some random intro I recorded it… then i took the headphones and i recorded my part in 2 takes… delta took 3 takes… vast took a couple… and vordul nailed his in 1 take and actually got his “verse” cut short because the beat was only recorded for 5 minutes or so, knowing him he probably would have kept going for 20 minutes straight if the beat kept going, he was a machine like that… we all had slight slip ups in each of our parts but decided to leave it that way just to show that it was really off the head, plus this really was never supposed to be released

it was just one of the many joints we had recorded that floated between us all on tapes that we all traded with each other… i wound up asking everyone involved if i could throw it on the Atoms Archives Vol 1 that i released in 2002 with the Centa of da Web re-release and everyone said cool so thats how it got out there

Im only bringing the joint up now because someone emailed me a link me to where they actual transcribed the lyrics… just found it funny and pretty crazy that someone is transcribing the lyrics to a random freestyle session.. so crazy to me

peace to Delta, havent spoken to him in a minute

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