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Cannibal Ox - Stress Rap

Taken from the legendary 2001 release ‘The Cold Vein’ a seminal moment in modern rap and one of my all time favourite records. The brilliant ADD-inducing video befits the psychedelic beats of album producer El-P. 

I never saw this fan made video before, pretty hilarious.

About the track.  Little known fact this was the 2nd version of Stress Rap (the only one released) floating around.  Somewhere on cassette I have the original version which I think Vast had a different 2nd verse and Im not even sure if Vordul had a 2nd verse on the original demo.  And the first verses were a different take so the flows sounded a little different.  

When I heard the track the first time I loved it, but was secretly a little upset because I had the sample that El-P used in my “crate of samples Cryptic must use” but he got to it first and probably used it better than I could have.

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