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Atoms joint of the day

Vordul - Neva Again produced by Opto

Always loved this joint from Vordul.  I remember when he first played it for me, i was really feeling it and wanted him to rock over more production along these lines.  I actually made a couple of beats with him in mind for his next solo LP but for one reason or another they never got used (i eventually sold them to other people).

Atoms joint of the day

Aesop Rock & Vordul - “Helium” from Atlantis Sessions & The Deadly Art Of All Day Brainstorming produced by T1 for Shelshock

kind of surprised to even see this on youtube actually.  T1 (and his 2 brothers) have been cool with Atoms forever and we worked on a lot of music together

This is another one of those tracks that Vordul just spit off the head.  I wasnt at this session, but ive recorded Vordul so often that I can recognize his written verses vs his freestyles… and this was definitely off the head

quality is pretty shitty… but whatevs

How bout some never released Ox stuff?

Cannibal Ox - Painkillers (The original unreleased version produced by T1 of ShelShock)

I did some more digging in old tapes today and uncovered this forgotten about never before released gem

Not mixed, not mastered, off an old cassette… so the sonic quality isnt all that great

If I remember right this was recorded sometime after Ox started recording Cold Vein with El-P.  I think they had already released Iron Galaxy b/w Straight off the DIC joint single with Co Flow but hadnt recorded much else besides those two songs, Metal Gear, & Pigeon for Cold Vein.  So this would be around late 99- early 2000 that they recorded this at T1s studio.  Obviously they later re-recorded Painkillers for Cold Vein with El but this version has a completely different Vordul verse and a longer Vast verse than the Cold Vein version, and obviously a completely different beat.


On Crying Havoc and Screaming Phoenix

Love reading things like this.  For the record thebombbag, Vast & Vordul were not only comic book fans but they also were both comic book artists/writers


I remember driving up to NYC to see my family. It was raining out. I was in my old Ford Focus, I hated that car. At the time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I hated DC, hated my job, hated almost everything and everyone. I was seeing some therapist at the time and I hated him, too. I put in Cannibal Ox’s Cold Vein, a new CD I just got knowing nothing about the band except for the fact that El-P produced it and at the time I bought anything with El-P’s name on it. I thought the tracks were well-produced and Vast Aire had a tenor that reminded me of Phife Dog in his prime. And then “Pigeons” came on. 

Birds of the same feather flock together,

Congested on a majestic street corner,

That’s a short time goal for most of them

‘Cause most of them would rather expand their wings over greater things

The song just felt so hopeless for some reason. Unrealized dreams.

That’s what we call inspired flight,

By the pigeons who gotta eat pizza crust every night.

The beat was heavy and daunting and the second verse was this free association-style rhyme focused on death and drugs and it all just hit me in a way that left me feeling despair. Wrong song at the wrong time. And then “Scream Phoenix” came on. 

So when you see me shine light you better scream phoenix

The god locked in a cell, scream phoenix

Moms can’t post bail you gotta scream phoenix

Jesus on the crucifix, scream phoenix

Jesus on the crucifix, scream phoenix

Jesus on the crucifix

I hear people talk about songs that changed their lives or their worldview or saved them and I’m always embarrassed to admit that my song is from a rap group that released one album in the early-00s and was maybe heard by a couple of ten-thousand people. “Scream Phoenix,” became my mantra, tho. My first comic book pitch was for a book about unrealized gods called “Scream Phoenix.” I’ve included lyrics or nods to the song in many of the things I’ve worked on. 

Vast Aire is a comic book fan, as evident by his rhymes that often dig deep into superhero mythos. Whereas pop artists like to throw out references to Superman and Batman, Vast Aire includes Galactus and the Silver Surfer in his lyrics. I have to imagine “Scream Phoenix” is a play on “Cry Havoc,” a phrase that was in vogue at Marvel Comics from the 70s through the 90s. Havoc and Phoenix were both mutants in Marvel’s X-family, the former being the aggressive and sometimes evil brother of Cyclops, the latter being the god-like ex-wife of the same man. “Cry Havoc” is an old phrase, its most famous usage coming from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.”

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in other Jestoneart news…

I forgot about this , Jest is probably best known for his appearance on the Def Jux documentary where Vast and Jest are in Jest’s studio (around the 2 minute mark) with Vast pissed at me for getting a Jest beat from Hangar that he wanted… lol… funny thing about that entire scenario is I wound up never using the beat outside of a few live performances

And even funnier Jest saying “all I have open is some wack beats” then pressing play on one of the “wack beats” and the beat being ridiculously dope and becoming the Adversity Struck 9X9 song before the cameras eyes

another side note, Jest and me go waaaaay back.  We were in a crew together rhyming and drawing graff before Atoms Fam ever existed… early 90s…crazy


Cannibal Ox - Stress Rap

Taken from the legendary 2001 release ‘The Cold Vein’ a seminal moment in modern rap and one of my all time favourite records. The brilliant ADD-inducing video befits the psychedelic beats of album producer El-P. 

I never saw this fan made video before, pretty hilarious.

About the track.  Little known fact this was the 2nd version of Stress Rap (the only one released) floating around.  Somewhere on cassette I have the original version which I think Vast had a different 2nd verse and Im not even sure if Vordul had a 2nd verse on the original demo.  And the first verses were a different take so the flows sounded a little different.  

When I heard the track the first time I loved it, but was secretly a little upset because I had the sample that El-P used in my “crate of samples Cryptic must use” but he got to it first and probably used it better than I could have.

I feel like I havent posted anything atoms music related here in a minute… 

This was a session from 2001… i think this was recorded right before Cold Vein dropped… maybe March of 01

Delta was our boy from Australia… a very ill battle MC, ill producer, and record collector… he was in NYC I think for his first time and we had all been talking about recording a joint for a while, he had done a few songs at T1s studio in queens and came out to my studio in LI to record a joint with Vast & Vordul

None of us were really prepared since most of my latest verses were tied up in my solo album and vast and vordul used all their best recent shit on Cold Vein… not to mention I had so few beats that werent spoken for at the time since I was producing for so many people.  So I loaded up some available beats and we settled on this one and we started writing

Within about 15 minutes of trying to write with little motivation we just started freestyling and I said, fuck it… lets just record this off the head stuff for fun but do it as if it was a song (with headphones to keep the audio quality level up)… so Vordul said some random intro I recorded it… then i took the headphones and i recorded my part in 2 takes… delta took 3 takes… vast took a couple… and vordul nailed his in 1 take and actually got his “verse” cut short because the beat was only recorded for 5 minutes or so, knowing him he probably would have kept going for 20 minutes straight if the beat kept going, he was a machine like that… we all had slight slip ups in each of our parts but decided to leave it that way just to show that it was really off the head, plus this really was never supposed to be released

it was just one of the many joints we had recorded that floated between us all on tapes that we all traded with each other… i wound up asking everyone involved if i could throw it on the Atoms Archives Vol 1 that i released in 2002 with the Centa of da Web re-release and everyone said cool so thats how it got out there

Im only bringing the joint up now because someone emailed me a link me to where they actual transcribed the lyrics… just found it funny and pretty crazy that someone is transcribing the lyrics to a random freestyle session.. so crazy to me

peace to Delta, havent spoken to him in a minute

This shit is kind of dated so I debated with myself if I should put this on here or not.  I won the debate with myself so I decided to post it…. anyway, this was previously unreleased.  

This song:
A.  was never finished (see my previous blog about it)
B.  was taken off an old cassette
C.  was never arranged , mixed or mastered, so apologies for the shitty sound quality
D.  was recorded somewhere around 1998 or 99… i think closer to 98 because this was well before Vast and Vordul started on The Cold Vein
E.  all of the above 

"Since the First Page" - Vast Aire, Doc Strange (of the Lenzmen), Anonymous, & Cryptic One produced by Cryptic One


  • Vast Aire
  • Adversity Strikes

My Favorite Vast Jawn of all time. Shout 2 @crypticone who I just moments ago found on tumblr. My oh My do I sometimes miss the days of AOL Chatroom: Arts and Entertainment: Hip Hop  Where the heavy weights of HipHop’s Yesteryears sat like Knights of the Round Table building classics

  • Bonus Iddish:
  • Dutchmassive
  • feat. Windnbreeze, Alaska, Majik Most, Cryptic One & Vast Aire
  • It Gets Worse - Produced by Celph Titled
  • [download link]

ha, the good ole A&E hip hop chatroom… pretty insane all the people that used to frequent it… who knew

whats good dutch? been a long minute… and yeah, no one really knows about my tumblr page… kind of funny seeing people slowly discover it

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