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Vast Aire, Cryptic One, Doc Strange, Anonymous

—Since the First Page

This shit is kind of dated so I debated with myself if I should put this on here or not.  I won the debate with myself so I decided to post it…. anyway, this was previously unreleased.  

This song:
A.  was never finished (see my previous blog about it)
B.  was taken off an old cassette
C.  was never arranged , mixed or mastered, so apologies for the shitty sound quality
D.  was recorded somewhere around 1998 or 99… i think closer to 98 because this was well before Vast and Vordul started on The Cold Vein
E.  all of the above 

"Since the First Page" - Vast Aire, Doc Strange (of the Lenzmen), Anonymous, & Cryptic One produced by Cryptic One