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and the trilogy’s epic finale

word the fuck up 3

word the fuck up 2 the sequel

Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty

loving this joint… the video isnt really my thing but the song is bonkers… Aes the producer needs to get more credit than he does… beat is bonkers

Peep the first trailer from the upcoming documentary Adult Rappers

Trailer has some music by yours truly… and i make a quick .5 second appearance in the trailer along with Slug, Blueprint, Blockhead, J Zone, Alaska and a ton of others that are escaping me at the moment… 

also peep the kickstarting campaign to raise the  $$$ to finish the film:

Evidence - Late for the Sky feat Slug & Aesop Rock

loving this… Aes really kills this

One of my favorite songs from the album.  Video does not disappoint… fire

Blueprint “The Clouds (Live)”

Word to the homie Printmatic

New video from Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic’s upcoming album “Are You Gonna Eat That?”

"Smock" - Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic)