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Atoms joint of the day

Aesop Rock & Vordul - “Helium” from Atlantis Sessions & The Deadly Art Of All Day Brainstorming produced by T1 for Shelshock

kind of surprised to even see this on youtube actually.  T1 (and his 2 brothers) have been cool with Atoms forever and we worked on a lot of music together

This is another one of those tracks that Vordul just spit off the head.  I wasnt at this session, but ive recorded Vordul so often that I can recognize his written verses vs his freestyles… and this was definitely off the head

quality is pretty shitty… but whatevs

How bout some never released Ox stuff?

Cannibal Ox - Painkillers (The original unreleased version produced by T1 of ShelShock)

I did some more digging in old tapes today and uncovered this forgotten about never before released gem

Not mixed, not mastered, off an old cassette… so the sonic quality isnt all that great

If I remember right this was recorded sometime after Ox started recording Cold Vein with El-P.  I think they had already released Iron Galaxy b/w Straight off the DIC joint single with Co Flow but hadnt recorded much else besides those two songs, Metal Gear, & Pigeon for Cold Vein.  So this would be around late 99- early 2000 that they recorded this at T1s studio.  Obviously they later re-recorded Painkillers for Cold Vein with El but this version has a completely different Vordul verse and a longer Vast verse than the Cold Vein version, and obviously a completely different beat.

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